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We are a joint stock company that operates STG globally , invest under support of the Japanese Government.

Japan quality Farm is a general company established in Tokyo. In addition, we have member companies in: USA, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Canada... We are a distributor of premium Japanese A5 Wagyu Beef, high quality seafood, Organic vegetables and fruits, and other brands. High-end Sake brand, high-end kitchen tools and equipment for restaurants and 5-star hotels globally in more than twenty countries with nearly 20 years of experience.

As a corporation - a company with a lot of experience providing clean Japanese food products (Organic) to restaurants and 5-star hotels around the world. Besides, As myself participate in real estate investment. Real estate in some countries and main industries:

1. Implement and develop real estate projects as well as ecological urban areas of the Japanese government

2. Project management

3. Construction and development of urban and industrial areas

4. Investment and construction consulting

5. Buying and selling businesses and merging businesses (M&A)

6. Hotel restaurant and supermarket business

7. Import and export 8. Human RESOURCES .

9. Trading.

Vision :

- With the orientation of becoming a pioneer enterprise in clean product quality, a pioneer in developing the first environmentally friendly ecological urban area in Cambodia in general and the world in particular. Meeting the increasing needs of society to protect the environment and human health through Japan's leading advanced technology and science.

Mission :

With the mission of improving the quality of life, protecting the environment, with the capacity, learning and continuous improvement of all leaders, employees and collectives. Being a bridge to bring advanced technology and Japan's rapidly developed scientific technologies to the world, especially scientific research products that are environmentally friendly and protect human health.

Our clients:

Rosewood hotel

Nagaworld Hotel

Borei Angkor Resorts

YAN Rocksalt Restaurant

Siena Restaurant

Ox club Restaurant